Welcome to the Chronicles homepage - a place where I host stories related to the Reapers, but not necessarily fitting to put them in with the normal Reapers. These are full-fledged stories on their own (usually) or sometimes just a few chapters here and there to give closure to smaller characters/those who I love. This area will extend the Reapers and beyond!

Currently, however, there's nothing here.


  1. Liv, my stupid ass BB won't let me open the poll :-( what are the choices?

    1. Everyone deary! The poll will be up continuously for as long as the story is running. Remember how I had one on my Original? It's like that one. Lists all the names and anyone who wants to see more of someone or another can vote to see a backstory or a side-story... or something more specific. No hurries to vote on it. It'll be up for a while and I won't be paying much mind to it until I accomplish the Chronicles I've already started.