Here's a list of a lot of recurring characters by name. Slowly I'll be updating them with posts of their own that will contain more spoiler-y information regarding the story. This page, however, will be spoiler free and fairly safe for readers to browse for refreshers on who's who. For a more detailed "who's who" on the Pantheon, Magic, the Timeline and Races of the world of the Reapers, please visit the Glossary. 
I'm working to slowly update the glossary all the time so the information is accurate and up-to-date. There are spoilers there, but I put up plenty of spoiler warnings before you should run into them. The character explanations you'll find on the Glossary will differ from what you'll find here as the Glossary will offer the entire history of a character and all stories they participated in, whereas here will only discuss their relation to the Reapers. 
The characters are listed in alphabetical order.

**Under Construction**

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