Summary, Disclaimer, Et Cetera

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the Reapers Legacy. I've spent a humongous amount of time and effort on this legacy and the all the stories in my world, so I'm really happy that you're reading this! The original idea came to me when I was breaking the rules in another challenge for the Sims 3 that I just decided to do something fun for me. What started as a simple legacy following the Sims quickly spiraled out of control into this massive, living, breathing story that's nowhere near what it used to be. After five years of planning, this story is finally ready to face the world.

This version of the Reapers Legacy will portray the following: 
  • Violence
  • Grisly/Bloody Images
  • Foul Language
  • Familial Abuse
  • Depictions of Mental Illnesses
  • Sexually Charged Material and Themes
  • Deaths
As these topics are both heavy and sometimes trigger-inducing, I will include a trigger warning at the beginning of chapters containing the material in question. As this is also a legacy, this list is subject to change and will be updated as new storylines come into place. I'll do my best to give all my readers a heads up if any new warnings will be added! This story may not be suitable for young children. This is a work of fiction. Any characters or events who resemble actual people or events is entirely coincidental. 

One other important thing I long to stress before we begin the show is that I pride this story on being a real story told with The Sims 3. This is not a Sims story. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I read a lot of (very good) Sims stories and they're stories that actively tell a story based around the game-play of The Sims. I have nothing against these stories or their style, but that's not how I write for these stories in Atalan. As such, my stories will not include Sims lingo/verbiage whatsoever. This is a story-story told with aid of pictures using the Sims 3. With that out of the way, I still hope people who enjoy both Sims stories and stories told with the Sims will find some enjoyment out of this crazy world I've built. I've put a lot of hard work and effort into it and I always love hearing what people think.

There, now that that important bit is out of the way, I do hope that you'll enjoy the story of the Reapers. 

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