1.05 No Rest for the Weary

Author's Note: This is a test drive for a different concept I'll be needing to introduce more of in the future, so I apologize if this chapter is on the confusing side. Feedback regarding comprehension is appreciated so I can improve with time on the way these specific characters interact.

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Olivia had sat in the atrium until long after the sun disappeared behind the horizon. It was quiet, and Agnes seemed stable in whatever dream-induced conversation she was having.

The only artifacts Olivia had ever dealt with were artificial ones that suppressed magic, but those weren’t sentient. The one Agnes had was.

Kefka had been around them frequently enough, as his father often inspected them and kept track of their magical energy.

That’s where Kefka had gone off to - to talk to his father about the artifact’s intents. If anyone would know whether or not it was safe to talk with an artifact, it’d be the God of Magic.
Normally she would've gone with him - they all could've... but things had been a little too hectic. It wasn’t just the Goddess of Betrayal acting out; there was far more at play here and all of the gods seemed tense. They were on the brink of war all around.
Everyone was stretched thin, herself included.

Esmerelda arrived after the sun had long set, and she, too, was full of worry. Granted, it wasn’t the worry Olivia was constantly full of that clouded her friend’s mind.
Esmerelda was worried about the God of Magic’s Priest, Quinn, even if she didn’t want to admit it. It’s why she touched the necklace he gave her mindlessly as she made a figurative rut on the floor from her pacing.

He was gone deep into a mission for the God of Magic - a mission Kefka had narrowly avoided being needed for.
Olivia was grateful for that, as he was the glue that was keeping her mind together currently, almost literally. Ever since they’d reformed their blood-link he’s taken up residence in her mind.

It was almost like having him physically there when he wasn’t and it was comforting. He wandered through her thoughts and feelings with his ever-calming presence, and she was able to poke her nose into his conversations with his father through his head.
She was running on empty after the last five days, which was hindering her ability to think clearly through it all.

“Go get some rest, Liv. You haven’t slept in days.”
She’s right, you know. Kefka responded almost before she had finished processing what was said.
Olivia motioned towards Agnes, “I’m keeping an eye on her. She’s having a conversation with the artifact.” Anything could happen. She added that silently, mostly for herself, but Kefka heard it too.

She felt Kefka shift forward in her mind, coming to look through her eyes at what she saw. She hasn’t made a deal with the artifact yet, she’s still wearing the necklace.

“I can watch her, Essence knows I’m not sleeping tonight, anyway.” Esmerelda slumped onto the couch next to Olivia. “I can’t believe she’s actually wearing that thing. She should’ve said ‘no thanks!’ and chucked that shit off the side of the cliffs here when she found out.”
She didn’t though. Curious for someone unfamiliar with magic.
Her affinity is too strong, maybe that’s pulling her to look?

Olivia nearly shook her head, it feels like more than that. Affinities don’t control someone’s actions.
You know, we do need a host for the strain of magic you’re perfecting… He needed only to hint at it before he picked up on her feelings. Yet you’re still uncertain.
I just don’t know if this would be a good fit for her. She’s undergone a lot, and while that’s making her an activist, this work burns people out very quickly.

Kefka hummed at that; you’re very right. I just think it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Magical affinity like hers would boost the strain even further, but you’re still right, as you always are. His presence still so warm and inviting that it made her eyelids feel heavy. Despite this, she had to resist a laugh at his last comment.
Esmerelda made a face at her, “hi, Kefka!”

Hello, Ezzie. Quinn hit his fourth checkpoint. I’ve been keeping tabs on him since I’m here.
“He says hello, and that Quinn’s safe. He reached another checkpoint.” Olivia smiled through her exhaustion as she played messenger. He’s only got one more then he can make the drop and back his way out. “He’s almost done.”
Esmerelda smiled weakly, “yeah? Thanks.” Yet she shook her head and tried to shrug. “Not that I was worried or anything. He’s fine.”

This made Olivia grin as she raised an eyebrow, “naturally.”
“Ok, maybe just a bit.”
Olivia readjusted on the couch, fearing she might doze off if she wasn’t careful. Where did your father disappear to?
He’s checking his notes. Said he couldn’t remember his last encounter with the Ceura.

Her brow furrowed, he couldn’t remember? That sounds concerning.
Yeah, well he can’t remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, so I’m not too concerned. She could hear him laugh internally.

“I can smell you talking about me in your head.” She had to resist snickering as Majnun’s started up a conversation with Kefka. “I found what you needed. It’s a very stable artifact, yes indeed. I had quite interesting conversations with it.”
“So it would be ok to converse with it?” Kefka asked back, and Olivia closed her eyes as she fully listened in on their conversation.

From Kefka’s eyes she could see her father-in-law shrug. “In theory… sure!”
She opened her eyes to look back towards Agnes before speaking aloud. “Majnun says the Ceura isn’t unstable - if that’s really what this artifact is - and that, in theory, it should be fine.”
Esmerelda nodded. “Anything else?”

Olivia closed her eyes and listened in again. Normally she didn’t need to, but it was hard enough keeping her thoughts straight.
“So long as she’s got a mental state better than that one horse from Schmeedling… oh, it seems we’re not alone in this conversation now, are we? I should’ve guessed knowing you two. Hello, my dear Olivia! How are you doing, lovely?”

Tell him I said hello and that I’m well.
“She’s been run over with work yet somehow remains positive. She says ‘hello,’ also that you’re mad.”

Olivia resisted rolling her eyes, a smile pulling on her lips.
“Oh, such a flatterer she is! She always says the sweetest things!”

“No, Ezzie. Just that it’s been a while for him and that it’s always been a fairly stable artifact according to Majnun.” Olivia finally answered Esmerelda’s question, having almost forgot she asked.

“If that’s the case, then trust the Mad God and go get some sleep!” Esmerelda nudged her as she almost hadn’t heard her. This was a painful sign that Olivia was getting too tired, as listening to multiple conversations was becoming almost too difficult to manage.

Kefka keenly awaited to hear her response to this, and she could feel his face shifting to one of slight amusement as she sorted through all of her different ways she’d say she couldn’t. “I don’t know… I would rather be here in case she needs something.” I can’t sleep without you. That was the truth of it.
As I can’t without you.

Esmerelda snorted with a roll of her eyes, “if she needs something, I’ll come wake you up. That’s the magic about sleeping. You can wake up!” She reached over and tapped on the side of Olivia’s head. “Hey Kefka, come drag your wife to sleep!”

I don’t believe in dragging. I’ll only take enthusiastic consent.
Do you think Agnes will be ok?
She’ll sleep through the night, I’m positive. The artifact will drain her energy and then let her sleep it off. We might not even see her for two days.

Olivia finally nodded, “ok. I guess it couldn’t hurt to at least get cleaned up a little. I think my hair still has sand in it.” That’s what happens on tropical vacations, I suppose.

I should take you on a proper vacation soon.
Wait, that one didn’t count?
He laughed in her head.
“Don’t make me shove you off this couch and into the shower! Just go already!” Esmerelda gave her a grin, nudging her arm.

“If you need a break from being out here just-”
“Let you know?” This made Esmerelda wiggle her eyebrows. “Duuuuhhhh! I’ve got this, babe!”
Olivia smiled and pulled herself off the couch. She felt like she weighed more than usual. I really am getting tired…

I’m finishing things up here. I’ll be with you soon.
I miss you.
I miss you, too. I’ll be home as soon as I can.

“Have a good night!” Esmerelda waved teasingly.
“Thanks Ezzie. You know where to find me.”

Olivia slumped on the side of the bed, running her fingers through the lightly damp ends of her hair. She used to be able to stay up for weeks at a time, but Kefka had spoiled her with a regular sleep schedule.

I took one of your shirts. He kept most of his clothes back at their home, so the clothes he kept here were more for an emergency change. She hadn’t had any spare shirts - at least none comfortable enough to sleep in.
They look better on you anyways. He paused and she could almost picture his smile. And off you, too.

She bit her lip and failed to hold back her laugh, her cheeks warming at the thought. She knew that was precisely the reaction he was hoping to elicit.
My glamour charm is fading. She could hear the unspoken question - does he continue wearing his disguise or not?

Olivia hummed at the easy choice, good. I prefer you without it. She’d find a way to explain it to Agnes later. It was the only way her husband could be seen out in public as society didn’t like people who were inherently different from what was 'normal.'
Who needed normal, anyways?
She felt a familiar tickle on the back of her neck and knew he was home before the door even opened.

She tipped her head to the side and instantly smiled in relief. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

Kefka’s lips touched her neck intimately before she was completely engulfed by his arms. He breathed into her shoulder deeply. Hello, beautiful. “I’m glad to back with you. There's nothing worse than when things get so hectic I'm forcefully dragged away.”
How have the tensions been? Any news? Olivia turned herself so she could better rest her head against him.

Not terrible, hopefully it’ll be resolved soon enough. He responded back into her head - their conversations were often split this way. Their thoughts often came about before they could say them, and seeing as they shared the head-space it was just faster to mentally respond.
At least it’s keeping them occupied. Maybe Agnes can fly completely under the radar.
That would be ideal, but probably a bit too much to hope for. Kefka’s hand came up to hold her cheek. You’ve done so much for so long, you should rest, my Talae.

She knew why he was insisting it - she’d been going for five days straight on this case, and just before they started she had given him her blood. This was when she believed his father would need to send him on the mission Quinn was currently on.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Sleep could come easily like this. I think I’m going to start the next round of stabilization tomorrow.
His eyes widened, and she could feel him digging through his own mind wondering how he missed her thinking about this thought the first time. Are you certain?

Olivia nodded, reaching to touch his face as well. It was just something she had to do. She hadn’t expected Agnes to be chosen by an artifact. Olivia thought this would be an easy mission of getting Agnes out of dodge and waiting for things to cool off.
Nothing could ever be that simple.

I wanted to wait until Agnes was sorted but…
He sighed with resignation, but that’s looking like we’ll have a long road ahead of us if she makes a deal with the artifact and full synchronization happens. Dad left us a book to sort through, his notes are… mostly coherent.

Agnes will likely be hunted from here on out, and we’ll have to be ready for anything until the hunt for it dies down… Me taking a week or more off… we might not get another quiet burst like this one for a long while. She shifted against him to sit up a little more, yet he still kept a comforting hold on her, his lips touched her palm.

Two days. Please? Kefka’s eyes pleaded with her in a way she knew would make her will crumble. Two days for you to sleep and eat enough. I need to ensure you’re at your strongest when you start. Your father will want to know so he can help, too.
She smiled and pulled herself a little taller still so their foreheads could touch. She had relented before he had even finished his phrase. Ok, I can give you that.

He rubbed their foreheads together affectionately, if this is what you choose then I’ll be with you.
She could feel his concern still, but he tried to not let it consume his thoughts. She hadn’t been well the last time she did this, and this next round would require even more from her. I’m sorry, Tunir. I know this can’t be easy to watch…
I wish there were another way. He could remember it too clearly.

She wished there was another way as well, but there wasn’t.
We should get some rest, then. We have a lot to prepare for-
The rapid knocks on the door almost sounded like the world was laughing at them. Kefka physically slumped in defeat as the door swung open.

“Liv! Something’s happening!” Ezzie was wide-eyed and anxious in their doorway.

Olivia exchanged a look with Kefka, who stood up and carefully set her down on her feet. She let out an airy laugh and shook her head, her eyes catching his. Some other time, then?

He grinned in response. Always.

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