Author's Note 12.4.16: Faction of the Lost Ones is Live!

Hello everyone!

So it's been about two weeks since I've posted my last update for this story and I wanted you all to know I'm very much still alive. I may have warned everyone prior, but the next chapter is kind of a huge deal - it's my first war chapter and it's a very intense chapter that's coming at you.

Right now, the chapter is 16 pages long, single-spaced with no pictures.
It's broken into 10 parts - 10 perspectives within the chapter, so hopefully that's not too disorienting when you read it. Feedback will be greatly appreciated once it's posted.
Thus far I've completed around 2 of the 10 perspectives, and I've finished the poses to completely another perspective (one of the longer ones) so that's also good!
I will be doing some intense editing on a lot of the images, so that will also delay me.

(Click the Picture! Click-it! Click-it!)

In the meantime, I've finally found time to launch my third story in this same world: Faction of the Lost Ones. This is a Perfect Genetics Legacy that's being written as a story (with no actual stats going into the posts, it's a story much like this one you're reading) that follows the Demarco family and the perfect genetics that come about there.

It's a little bit more light-hearted than my Reapers and Song of the Nightingale, but just because it's a little more lighthearted does not mean that it won't still be dark and gritty like my stories tend to be. The chapters will be much shorter than my other two stories and I'm going to pay less attention to detail there, as I want to use that story as a sort of break from my other two stories.

If I had all my stories being the same type, I'd probably burn out and then no stories would be written and that would be sad.

In the meantime, I'm also working on the first Chronicles, and for those of you who read Song of the Nightingale - I've got a chapter ready there too, I just need pictures for it.

I'm headed into my finales for this semester in school.

I stayed up until 5am just last night to finish a paper... and I'm pretty exhausted.
Dooblydee. very much so. I don't like when you're up that late. You're cranky.
Shhh. Not today, sir, not today.
You've smooshed me out. I'm booored.
So... much... homework. MUST YOU WHISPER SO LOUDLY?
There, there, juniper-berry. Let's go to bed now while it's still a reasonable hour in which to go to bed in.
Why are you making sense? This doesn't make any sense.
You're running off four hours of sleep and you've been awake for 15 hours straight. Not much will make sense, writer.
Agh, my head.
I'm going to crawl into bed now and die sleep like the dead.
Apologies for long delays and... blah blah...What was I talking about?

I'm going to read this tomorrow and weep at my insanity.
Me too. It's beautiful.

Lots of love,

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