The world is torn apart by chaos; ravaged by magic and the gods. Something big is coming to swallow the world whole and none are prepared to face it. Sensing the change in the winds, a Spirit rose to stand against the challenge. From her, a line of guardians are created; generations of one lineage to stand and fight when no one else will. The world is moving to a different tune.

The dance is only just beginning.

"Life is but a series of dances, one dance ends and another begins, and we will keep doing these dances long after our bones can't dance any longer. That is the will of the Essence; that is our destiny." 

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This version of the Reapers Legacy will portray the following: 
  • Violence
  • Grisly/Bloody Images
  • Foul Language
  • Familial Abuse
  • Miscarriages
  • Depictions of Mental Illnesses
  • Sexually Charged Material and Themes
  • Sexual Assault
  • Death and Suicides
As these topics are both heavy and sometimes trigger-inducing, I will include a trigger warning at the beginning of chapters containing the material in question. This story may not be suitable for young children. This is a work of fiction. Any characters or events who resemble actual people or events is entirely coincidental. 


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