Author's Note 9.21.16: Ramblings of a Madman

Hello Grapefruits and Garbagemen,

Well, this is exciting, isn't it? A new page! It's titled 'Chronicles!' 
Oh look! Another one! That one's titled 'Extras!' 
Whatever does that mean? 
Don't ask me. I have no idea.
What? I don't. You act like this is my blog or something. 
It is? Well why didn't you say something?

Don't mind the madman. He likes to take over my author's commentary. I apologize.
What? You're blaming me for your insanity now? That's news.
Ignore him. You'll get to know him soon enough. Probably more than you'd ever want to know someone.
Ugh, woman, you talk too much. Cut to the chase!
I would, if you would only stop taking over my author's update...
Have you ever considered seeing someone? I know an excellent therapist. Smashes pancakes into the carpet with the best of them.
I think you're the one who needs therapy, you crazy, old man.
I'm perfectly fine, thank you. I do not suffer from insanity, that's the other one in my head. Oh wait, yes I do! Does it count though if I can't? Can you say the same? 
About what? Not being able to count?
Whatever floats your boat. Anyways, as I was trying to say before the crazy man that lives in my head interrupted was: I've redone the site! By "redone" that means I've added two new pages: 'Extras' and 'Chronicles.' You'll also notice I took down the 'Related Stories' page. Ultimately, that got thrown in with the 'Extras' so I saw no need for it to have its own page. That makes sense. Right?
Nothing makes sense in your head. I live here, remember?
Not talking to you, you old bat.
I'm not a bat! How dare you compare me to Bat-Boy! 
Shh, some readers don't know who that is yet.
Shh, do this. Don't do this. Stop being insane. Don't kill the locals. Do you ever have any reasonable requests? 
Define "reasonable?" 
Smashing pancakes into the carpets is reasonable. 
Not when the carpet is not yours.
Shush! You're getting off topic. You're shit at driving this bus, Olivia.
I suppose I need to do everything myself. 

Ahem, anyways, new pages. Extras features stories I recommend now as well as related stories and it's also where I keep little updates like these. I promise not all of them will be insane... just most of them. The other page, 'Chronicles' is where get into more deep stuff. I have a lot of characters (you just heard me arguing with one, for example), and all of them have stories that want to be told. Now, as much as I would love to tell all of their stories, I just can't do so without my story getting bogged down and confusing.
That being said, I've created the Chronicles pages for those very stories. These will all be short stories or backstories of characters that you enjoy as well as ones that I enjoy too. I'll have a running survey up to see who people want to see more of and I'll base some of my stories off of that. My survey will automatically list most characters, but there will be an "other" option where you can directly ask for a character who may not be listed.
Here's the deal, though - when it comes to these "other" characters - I may or may not get to some of them in the Chronicles but that's usually because they're going to have their own section of the main story but I just don't want to say it yet. So, keep that in mind too when a character isn't listed on the survey. 
Finally, one further topic I want to talk to you all about is: Song of the Nightingale is now live! 
The blog is now officially up and I just want to humblebrag about some of the pictures I've edited for it (I'm really proud of them, please don't burst my bubble about them not being nice...). 

Click the picture! Click-it! Click-it!

I'm working on the prologue to the first part of the story as we speak. The story is very build-intensive and picture-intensive, so I can't promise updates will be as frequent as this story (which, once I've built one or two things I can survive and take many chapters with it in a row with little issues). This story will show you how Quinn and Esmerelda (as seen in Agnes 1.05: Nightingale) came to be and why they're my favorite couple of all time.
Yes, I do have a favorite couple. I know. I'm a horrible person for playing favorites.
No! Please don't! AH!

(Muffled, gagging noises in the background). 
Welcome to the Madhouse, children. Buckle up, it's going to be one hell of a ride.
(Maniacal laughter)

May all your pancakes be evenly smashed into thine enemies' carpets.

Edit after the fact: things on this blog will be en-motion for the next few days. Tabs will appear and disappear. Don't mind that. I apologize for any confusion. 

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  1. Majnun, you are fabulous! Liv, I can't wait to see where you take us! Clicking on the picture now!