Author's Note 9.30.16: SimNaWriMo!

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I just wanted to stop by say hello to everyone!
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Merry Winter Solstice!
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Ahem, anyways... Good news, everyone! Boolprop is hosting a Sims NaNoWriMo! What is that? Basically it's a challenge for Sims authors much like the actual NaNoWriMo, where you try to post as many updates as you can and after a point you can get different rankings! The "requirement" for an update to count as an "update" is 20 pictures and 1,000 words. Which makes for an interesting challenge.
You can stop laughing at me now. I know I exceed these limits very often. Most of my chapters are 12 pages long, single-spaced with 80 pictures.
Anyways, as an author who loves writing, I was thrilled and signed up right away. I got to speak with some of the moderators there and they've agreed to let my (I'll admit, beastly) updates count as more than one "update" by their standard so long as I have the word count and picture count included.
So this means that the end of each of my chapters throughout the month of October (which is when this is occurring, yes, meaning tomorrow onward) I will have a word count and a picture count noted.
Not that any of you likely will care that it's there, I just thought I would share the love. On a positive-and-negative note: I'll be dumping a lot of my time into this story now as this month goes by. I love this story and I hope everyone is enjoying it thus far. Unfortunately, that means my plans to launch the first chapters of Song of the Nightingale will get pushed back a few weeks. This is blessing in disguise for me, as I have a lot of building still to do for those chapters.
I have to finish building an entire world so... it's a bit of a process.

Meanwhile, short little news - the tabs are officially set in stone (as of right now). We've got "Characters" where I'll keep a running list of the important characters you'll see again and again who aren't direct family/heirs of the Reapers (people like Thanatos or Phil or Esmerelda and Quinn). There's "Chronicles" which we've discussed in the last author's note as being the place I'll keep my extra storylines that don't fit with the main story. Then there's "Extras" which is where you'll find the author's notes (like me ~ Squee!), my recommended stories and the other stories that fit in this world as well as the lore glossary for those who like having something to reference.
Yes. I know the glossary is half done.
It's not easy writing notes on everything when I've got bigger fish to fry (AKA these chapters)!

Finally, I wanted to add in one more thing - I've changed up a little bit in my Disclaimer and I wanted to draw attention to it, so I'll post it below:
"One other important thing I long to stress before we begin the show is that I pride this story on being a real story told with The Sims 3. This is not a Sims story. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I read a lot of (very good) Sims stories and they're stories that actively tell a story based around the gameplay of The Sims. I have nothing against these stories at all, but they're not my story. My story will not include Sims elements whatsoever. This is a story told with aid of pictures using the Sims 3. That being said, I still hope people who enjoy both Sims stories and stories told with the Sims will find some enjoyment out of my story. I've put a lot of hard work and effort into it and I always love hearing what people think."

I've had a bit of an internal crisis lately and felt the need to put this into my disclaimer because of said internal crisis. That being said, I have one more thing I wish to address with everyone! This story is loosely based off of my original found on Carl's Sims 3 Forum, however a lot has changed and a lot will change. I just wanted to let people know that personalities, names, and appearances are all up for changing in this variation and I hope no one gets upset about the changes, but this story is completely separate from my original.

Other than that, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your night (or day, depending on when you're reading this). I'm off to finish up another chapter for this story and kick off my SimsNaWriMo!

Lots of Love,

Hey! Hey! I didn't get to say anything!
Feel better now?
Yes. Can we make pancakes?
I suppose so. I've got a pesky professor who could use some syrup in her carpets.
Oh goodie! Smish, smosh! Let's go!

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