Author's Note 10.11.16: Midterm Sadness

Hello Banana-Nut-Salads!

My brain is officially fried over and I'm only halfway done with my midterms. Hoo-rah.
There, there, now. Have a pancake. Smoosh it good.

Thanks, crazy, old coot. Anywho, I like writing these little author's notes. They're fun for me and a good way for me to track progress of things as well as leave little notes to every lovely reader who just adores reading my stuff so much that you even read the silly author's notes.
Because my bajillion-word-long updates simply aren't enough for you.
Yes, that was sarcasm. Sometimes I wish I had the rolling-eyes smiley face here. I use that smiley-face way too often.
Yes you do. There are far better faces to have, like the ones attached to your elbow.
Yeah... right... so moving on. I'm in the middle of the next chapter but had to (unfortunately) throw the breaks on because of my midterm (curse you college and work schedule)! I am, of course, getting all kinds of crazy inspiration to write at the time when I simply cannot work on this story.
Meanwhile - I've officially made bronze on the SimNaWriMo! Three updates down!

Totals thus far: 
Word Count: 15,491
Picture Count: 252

Whoo! That's a doozy! I'm a wordy person, and I know that's going to affect my readers in some way. I know these chapters are not short little reads that people can chug through in ten minutes, but I hope people enjoy them regardless.
You're ignoring your twiddle-doos, noodle-grouper.
Shh. I know I'm not doing my homework right now. Cut me some slack, please?
Right, right. Wrapping this up, I suppose.

Long story short here's the important bit, I suppose.
I'm going to be working on the character's page and updating that slowly but surely, but this means that I'm going to be adding posts to my blog at a rather speedy pace when I do so. I'll have a list of all the recurring characters there in some fashion or another and I'll give some of the bigger characters their own post with spoiler-y stuff in it (not spoilery to the story, but up-to-date information as to where the chapters are currently as opposed to making it new-reader friendly). To make it fun I've been keeping track of some of my favorite quotes and pictures of these characters as well as their inspiration and what not and I may put those things there too.
Also, can everyone pat Majnun on the head for being so supportive of me during my midterms?
Now you're just being patronizing.
He's been awfully quiet and letting me do my work, unlike some of the other characters in my head (stares at Quinn and Esmerelda).

So, that's that. As soon as I complete these... like... three papers and two... exams... and... two more reflections... and several math assignments... then I'll be back to posting regularly!
So... when you give up trying to get your papers done and come crawling back?
Shut up, Majnun.
Touchy, touchy.

To all of you going through midterms right now/soon... I salute you.

Anyways, I'm off to fight with my Lit 110 professor who has declared my thoughtful answer to one of her prompts "well-thought out and unique, but lacking in the critical thinking skills required to answer this prompt."
What was said prompt? Her attempting to take the one piece written by Mark Twain (just kidding, he probably had others too) that had no racial implications in it and asked us to draw the racial implications.

I'm going to feed her to Majnun.
I don't like the flavor of stupid. Clashes too much with the salt. I'll probably just roast her and put a bow on her for Bat-Boy. 
Drain the blood from her first.
No, I leave that in. Boil it first makes it right sticky and nasty.
I'm not going to ask how you know that.
Where did I put my cheese strainer?

Have a fantastic... day? Week? I don't know when I'll be back, or if I'll be back...
You're so dramatic. I would hit you if I weren't attached... with a book.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight!
I'm just going to end this or you'll never go back to your work.
Nooo! Please don't make me!

(Grumbling and smashing sounds). CHEESE STRAINER! WHERE ART THOU?!

Perfumey love and goodies,

(Strangled noise from the background)
It is now, salami wedges.


  1. Majnun
    I adore you really

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Take all my good luck right now, I don't need it. I'm living on jinx magic at the moment.
    Just remember to breathe.

    1. Majnun is my better half, I would argue. ;) If I could write in italics he would answer most of the comments for me.
      Shhh. Stop it now. I'm trying to have a sane conversation and you're *not helping* old man.

      Thank you so much for the kind luck. I've honestly had the single worst week of my life. Writing is keeping me sane, and reading your story is helping. I'm... through to James at this point. I'm going to go back through and add my comments later when I'm not using Majnun like a crutch and scaring away any other potential readers from your story.
      "Why do you have an insane person in your comments?"
      "Oh that's just her other personality. She's fine."
      Sounds totally legit, right?

      I did complete my midterms though. Did I already say that?
      (Hush child, this is why I should be responding).
      You're really going to start making me look like I'm not a sane person.
      (You're sane? Since when?)
      Shhhhh. They don't know that!

      Ahem. Majnun also wanted to say that he really liked William, so, there's that. I swear I have too many characters living in my head...
      I'm not crazy. I'm a *writer.*
      Mhm. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.