Author's Note 10.16.16: Always Trust Your Resident Madman

Hey Everyone!

(Impatient foot tapping).
No. I'm not going to say it yet.
I'm waiting.
Stop it, crazy old man.
Tsk, tsk. That's not how you treat your favorite left shoe.
What? What do you want me to say? They don't even know yet! I'm not going to give it away!
I'm. Waiting.
Now can we move on to the other stuff?
Always trust your resident madman! 

Right, so now that's over with.
Was that really necessary?
Right... I'm done with half my heavy midterms! I just have an exam in Math and Poli Sci and that'll all be out of the way! Woohoo! So, yesterday came and I had a day off, and I sat trying to write, but I was still so fried from midterms... so I did something else! I made some POSES.
Well, one pose. I accidentally lost the first one I nearly completed for Mania... and then I accidentally exited out of Blender before saving the other. (Heavy sighs). I will start making more poses regularly now, though I probably won't do anything too crazy. The one I made wasn't even actually for this story (it was for SotN), but I'll still show you the work I did because I'm so stinking proud of it.
My one lousy pose that I couldn't even get her face to look right because for some reasons the controls stopped working halfway through and I didn't want to lose my progress and start all over again so... Yeah.

So, little known fact is my darling Ezzie is a violinist. Not just any violinist but a street performer. She spends a lot of her time homeless due to Calypso chasing her, so this is often how she makes ends meet. She doesn't just stand and perform though, she moves around, she walks on fountains, she does stunts.
Finding violin poses are hard enough as it is (and a violin case was even difficult - but I found one unfortunately only for CAS, but it works).
Blah blah blah, need I remind you which story this is?
Shhh, let me have my moment!

So yeah, small progress made, and I even got it all packaged up into this beautiful stance:

Ezzie is just too pretty anyways. One killer thing was trying to get proper fingering on the bow/violin. The object itself is attached to one of the finger joints, so if you move that joint the whole thing moves, which makes for awkward ring-finger positioning.
My Fiance, Alex, was frowning because he's played the violin since he was a wee lad and he was like "yeah, that's not how you hold a bow."
I looked at him, "shhhh, it is now."
I did my best, but bows are tricky and this one was attached in such a weird way that I would deform her fingers (horrifically, I mean her ring finger would be so far dislocated it wouldn't even seem attached) to do things "correctly." So, this is the best I've got.

Anyways, I'm rested and ready to go, so I'm working more on the next chapter, so that's really what I wanted to share with you.
Yes, and that I'm right.
Yes, and that Majnun is right. He's always right.
Yippee! Wait... who are we talking about? Not him again!
Of course not, just you.
He's so arrogant. Pish posh. I'm better anyways.
You're... you?
How dare you! I'm clearly me. 
Right, we're getting nowhere. Thanks everyone!
You're forgetting something, as usual.
Character's page is updated and done! Mostly spoiler-free for new readers save for obvious things like Olivia's trial and whatnot. Carry on!
Ships ahoy!
What? No!
Be free! Run like the wind!
(Livvielove puts head in hands). Why do I let my characters live here? Why?
Quinn: "You love us here, at least the characters who don't exist yet are staying quiet."
B&D: "It's soooo hard!"
Shhh, you guys really don't exist for like... several generations. Shush! Shush! ALL OF YOU!
(Esmerelda whaps Quinn). "Behave. You stirred up Dumb and Dumber."
Quinn: "Behave? I'm afraid that's not a word in my dictionary."
Esmerelda: "Is 'sleeping outside' in your dictionary?"
Quinn sighs heavily and sits down.
Esmerelda: "Well maybe if you would just write our story we wouldn't have to interrupt your other stories."
Quinn nods in agreement.
Do you see this mutiny?
I told you the pirates were coming. You never listen to me. 
In Unison: "NOOOOO!"

I promise I'm totally sane.
Yes. Tell them you're sane. I'm *sure* they'll believe you.

Lots of Love,


  1. Fantastic pose!
    And well this guy:
    Holds it like a hammer so Ezzie is looking very graceful!

    Where'd you get the bow/violin accessory? I remember searching for one and NOT finding one T_T

    Isn't pose making fun when you accidently dislocate so many things?
    (LOOK LOOK i made a blogger account. it gave me hell for it and called me Ender(???) for a second, but I think my browser is okay with this now.)
    (I suppose its called me Ender for all the lives ive ruined but im assuming thats just speculation)
    (oh look at that there's a notify me check box)

    1. Awww, thanks! I didn't get too close because otherwise you'd see her wonky eyes but... you know... I tried. XD
      I love that picture - he's not even holding it correctly *at all.*
      Oh oh oh! Here - I got it off of TSR, but I converted it, so here you go (this is my google drive). I had 2 of them - one from a pose pack, and another from TSR... the one from TSR was the only one that worked in Blender out of the two:

      Oh, oh, oh! HIII! You did make it to blogger! It only costs your first born child, of course. XD (Sure feels like it sometimes when trying to make Blogger and WordPress play nice). I see your name as Blams Art, so it works. XD
      Cain agrees with calling you Ender. I can feel it.

    2. I GOT A NOTIFICATION. the wonders

      Thank you life saver! I have a character who plays violin so this will probably be useful at some point! I like being prepared...because I really never know what might happen!

      hfdjkafhdakj noooo Cain forgives me I'm sure of it....

      (I keep almost pressing the 'sign out' button at the right when i want to publish. im so confused)

    3. XD Yay notifications!!
      Also, no problem! =D I'll be doing a lot of violin poses, so I needed to find a good one. The Violin from the Sims 3 Store also isn't too bad, but they don't move around a lot when using it, so most of my poses will probably be in making ones where Ezzie can move around like the adorable, fantastic performer she is.
      Cain forgives you? Sure thing. The last chapter I read of him had more salt in his tone towards you than anything else. ;) XD
      Oh I totally know what you mean. Blogger isn't the most intuitive... but I like it and it's home for me now. 4+ blogs that aren't going anywhere (that'd be one hell of a switch to Wordpress, I'll say, but I prefer blogger's format).
      Though I must say I'm super happy and excited you did get a blogger account for being able to comment and receive notifications... It makes me happy inside. =D

  2. I just sign in with my Google account :-) then I get all the notifications ;D

  3. I am really confused as to what that technological, scary pose-y thing is, so I think I'll just back away now...

    1. Posing is pretty intense but worth it. I can make my own poses and set scenes up now fairly easily in my game!