Author's Note 10.22.16: Song of the Nightingale is Live!


I'm in an exceptionally good mood, and you can tell from the title! Song of the Nightingale has been launched officially! Preface + Prologue are out. Currently working on the very first chapter, but that's going to take a wee bit of time and pose-making.

I honestly don't have much else to say besides that, and I won't announce here every time that I update SotN, but this was a special occasion and I'm so excited. Squee!

(Click the picture!)
Anywho, I could probably just use the rest of this author's note to spam pictures, but Imgur and I are not friends right now, and I don't want to fight with it.

Tut, tut, cheerio!
(Annoyed sighs)
And *I'm* the crazy one.


Sheogorath is adorable. I swear I love this man so much. I went rereading some old chapters from way back when (on my -gasps- original) and can someone tell me how anyone can resist this boy's face?


Deliro and his genius ideas. Oh this ridiculous inventor.

Oh, and so... Majnun doesn't like the Time Traveler, can't say I blame him. The Sisters of Time are annoying as all hell.

(That's the outside of Thanatos's house that no one has ever seen... XD )

Mania also had a distaste for the Time Traveler, only her encounter was a lot more hilarious.

Tiny, petite Mania smacking the crap out of him.
He then had the audacity to insult her, but before Sheogorath could whip out his magic to fry this man like a toaster on the sun Mania took matters into her own hands.

Yup. She fought him.
She won.

And people wonder why the boys are terrified of her. XD
The boys then proceeded to simultaneously laugh at the Time Traveler.
Minus Kefka. Kefka was talking to a chimney coming from the ground.

Note: Kefka behind the Chimney.
You thought I was joking?
That's my boy.
Damn straight it is, and Charlotte's too.
(Charlotte sighs exasperatedly and rubs her temples)

Majnun makes adorable faces. All. The. Time.
Don't patronize me.

I was confused. Someone was whispering things about mayonnaise behind me. 
You don't believe me, do you?
Would you like me to spell it out for you?

You're hilarious.
I know. I crack myself up all the time.


I was angry.
So cute!
Oh wait! I have a picture of that too!
You take too many pictures, woman.

Oh, and you doing the cute face again.

Don't you have any other pictures to show? Like ones of me blowing things up? Or killing someone?
Nope. All too spoilery.
Oh! Here's your boys!

I really wanted to use this picture because it showed the chaos that the Keepers always bring with them everywhere they go... but alas, there was no good place to put it in chapter 1.10.

(singsongs) Sheogorath is adorable. He's really, really adorable!

Pretty sure he's thinking "Why me? Why send in my wife?"

Kefka and Deliro really did salute the doorway after Mania and Sheogorath went into the Land of the Dead.

Majnun, fittingly, decided to "speak madness" to Mania. She was impressed.

I don't think I've seen such an adorable face on him since the last picture of him... Oh and that one time he was having a tea-party as a child when stupid Victoria cleaned up all of his toys before he could come back with the juice. He's such a quiet, good-natured boy he just sadly stared at her while she put his toys away.

I imagined every, single way to kill her in that moment.
I also fixed it later.

Moving on...


True story: I hadn't actually made rewrite Majnun yet (nor the proper Madhouse) so I had to use the old ones for these screenshots. Lazy? Yes. It still bothers me. Alas... I will survive.

For what it's worth, I liked old Majnun too, but he was a little goofy and I wanted his appearance to match his personality a bit more. While Majnun is goofy... he's also scary.
Don't worry though, his fancy slippers makes a comeback in his sleepwear. XD

For those new to the story, here's old Majnun:

Ok, I picked a very not flattering picture... but this scowl is infamous. This is Majnun's scowl.
I've caught new Majnun doing it several times, just can't find the pictures of it.

Ode to Majnun.

(As I'm flipping through old photos)

I'm so excited to bring these two back!!
In... several... generations... (sobs).

"Acquisition: Cookie Jar! Almost complete!"
"What are you two doing?!"
Together: "Nuuuuthing."

I'm off track now, aren't I?
Majnun. Right.

Ah! This outfit was the one that would eventually morph into the perfected Majnun we see in this story.

Look at this man's beautiful face.

Ok, I think I've spammed you with enough.
(No I haven't).

For those of you who are interested... my best friend Mpart and I do this story as a "collaboration" which means we do stories in the same world and our characters interact with each other. What do we actually do when we collaborate though?
Well, we wanted to show you!

We're... a goofy duo.

Anyways, that's all for today!
Have a nice day!

Lots of love,


  1. Goooollllldddd
    Gotta love behind the scenes!

    OK you've stalled me long enough, I have to go read SotN now

    1. YES. READ IT.
      Though I already saw your comments there... ;D

      I had so many screenshots, since I was holding them back for like... 12 chapters now. Especially that moment when Mania decided to fist-fight the Time Traveler.
      Majnun also makes so many adorable faces. Everyone else is so boring... XD The only non-boring one is Tragic, but I mean... *look at this face*
      XD Miserable sod who tells horrible jokes indeed...