Author's Note 1.3.17: New Year - New Foreshadowing!

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year!
I'm a little scatterbrained... I don't usually like doing two author's notes in a row, but... (sighs)
Ok so tis a long story. Buckle up.

First and foremost: EVERYTHING IS FINE. Story will continue as always and it's going to be fantastic.
Where to really begin this? Well I'm constantly getting ideas and shifting storylines around - and with as many characters as I have... it gives me a lot of interesting plots. I've been excited to see people's response to the first Chronicles which was AWESOME and I love everyone. I've gotten a few surveys in - which (I haven't said before) you can take as many times as you want.
So if you've got a serious hard-on for seeing something... feel free to spam that survey up... not that it would do much. I would honestly just say to message me at that point instead because I could either sate your curiosity faster or go ahead and start working on one because... why not? Even if just one person wants to see something - so long as it fits with the world (like if someone approached me this very second and asked to see Tragic and Agnes fight and break up... my response would be: 'Uh... no.') and the characters.
Right, I tangented too hard there. Rewinding.

I get a lot of ideas and my storylines are shifting a lot, that's a given. Sometimes I'll run into a storyline I want to pursue that may come out of the blue but I oftentimes realize that it was always there... I just never put emphasis on it before.
Ugh, yeah this explanation isn't helping.
BASICALLY I've got a new storyline. I'm looking forward to it. It blew my mind apart when I found it and now I'm super attached to the idea and have 3+ chapters planned around it (well a lot more than that, but still). BUT I realized that I had one wee little thing that was just going to bug me.
Just one little thing that would neg at my desire to have a fluid storyline.
It was a single screenshot that I wanted to tweak.
That single screenshot turned into two screenshots total.
One screenshot added to Chapter 1.08.
And one screenshot swapped in 1.14.
BECAUSE of the spoiler nature of these screenshots (like if I deliberately pointed out which ones they were) people would be spoiled about the impending storyline, as those screenshots would've meant nothing to you had they already been in at the time of the initial release.

I'm not going to go around changing up screenshots or editing chapters like this on the regular basis. It's so hard for me to explain this before it becomes a thing and I hope people aren't too upset with the change.
Literally nothing changed in those chapters. I simply added one extra screenshot to 1.08, and I swapped out another in 1.14. I then proceeded to fix a typo because... that was glaring me in the face. KAY? Kay.
I'm writing this author's note in a sense of honesty. If you were to go back and look at both of those chapters - and assuming you remember what wasn't there before and what is now... or what was there and got swapped... you likely won't be able to tell I moved things around at all. Those two pictures foreshadow this lovely storyline.

Anyways. That's all. Full disclosure. I added a picture and I changed one.
PLS don't hate me. It'll all be worth it... and for those just starting to read my story after today you'll get a more of a sense of progression than some of my previous readers.
WHEN the storyline arrives, and I release a certain Chronicles over it... I will announce what pictures I changed (for those who are just dying to know and those who wish to have it confirmed).
If you're super dying to know and will beat me with a shovel (or other various gardening tool - but ONLY the gardening tools), pop me a message on Carl's or Boolprop (the name is Livvielove)!

TTFN, ta-ta for now!
Lots of love,

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