Author's Note 1.29.17: A Pronunciation Note

Hey everyone!

Is it seriously the end of January already? Urgh. I'm so not ready for this. Time is going too fast. Things need to slow down for a minute here!

Anyways, my mind is buzzing with a new ship that I'm doing everything I can to not SCREAM about because it's fabulous. I've got 2 and a half chapter written ahead in this story, 1 and a half prewritten Saoirse chronicles and 4+ chapters for ANOTHER chronicles which I'll probably launch after I wrap up Saoirse.
We are not.
You are too.

It's great though. I'm making poses as I go and just having a good ol' time.

Now, for the meat of this note! One of my readers (here's looking at you, Nienor) asked me how I pronounce one of my character's names on my Faction's story, and it made me realize I use a lot of fantastic names that may not seem obvious how to pronounce (Saoirse is a great a example of that).
So, I thought I'd offer up my thoughts on some of the names/nicknames (and some Nym because why not?)
Keep in mind these are not the "right" ways to pronounce names and everyone may have something different in mind, but this is more for those curious as to how I imagine my characters sounding!

Pronunciation Guide- 
Majnun: Mah-juh-none. Spelled a lot like how it sounds, to me (I had to think about the best way to describe how to pronounce it that didn't just spell the name twice...).
Thanatos: Th-ann-ah-toe-s. This one probably is pretty obvious, as the name may be familiar to many who study mythology, but in case you didn't!
Agonin: Ah-go-nin. Yeah, I couldn't think of a better way. Pronounced exactly as it's spelled, just a soft A sound rather than a hard A at the beginning.
Minha: Mee-nah. It's kind of like Mina (mee-nuh), except I imagine the h softens the end somewhat to a more "ah" sound.
Mania/Nia: May-nee-ah/Nee-ah. This one was obvious, but I figure if I'm doing names, why not do them all?
Saoirse: Sear-sha. This is the Irish/Gaelic pronunciation of this name. You can find a video that probably better shows the sounds here.
Sheogorath/Sheo: Sh-ee-O-gore-ah-th/Sh-ee-o. Pronounced the same way as in Skyrim.
Deliro/Liro: Dah-lee-row/Lee-row. Deliro's name is based off of a Latin word (for insanity, of course), and as such they occasionally roll their 'rs' which you can do in this case, but I can't roll my 'rs.'
Kefka/Kefoo: kah-eff-kuh/Kah-eff-ooh. Couldn't go without describing Liro's nickname for his brother. Name was based off a Final Fantasy game. Yes. I do occasionally nerd when I'm not nerding normally.
Damiana: Day-me-on-a.
Adessa: Ah-dess-ah. Like Majnun's - sounds kind of how it's spelled.
Aleccas: Ah-le-kas. Who dis? I dunno. I just thought I'd include it for future reference. I have no clue who this person is. (coughs).
Melā: Mee-lah. "My love" in Nym.
Laminya/Laminwa: Lah-min-yah/Lah-min-wah. "Beast-like/Stupid/Idiot" in Nym. First pronunciation is singular, second is plural. 
Ni Meldh: Nee Mel-duh. "I love you" between two romantically involved in Nym (familial "I love you" is different).  
Nuiri: Nou-ee-ree. Nym greeting. 

Carule: Kah-roo-l. Kind of like kah-rule. 
Honestly not sure if there are many other names hard to pronounce from this story right now - then again it's still early on.

Stein: St-eh-een. I pronounce it like Stain, but with a slightly softer vowel sound. Doesn't mean I'm saying it right, but that's how it sounds in my head. 
Soliana/Sol/Ana: Soul-ee-ah-na/Soul/Ah-na. She's got two different nicknames, depending on who you are.
Taelagor: T-eye-la-gore. The adorable God of Elements. 

I think I covered a majority of them.
For funsies... here's the entire Pantheon, because... why not?
So, the Pantheon as of 1/29/17: 

The Pantheon (and Time)
Time Past: Yvaine; Eh-va-eh-na, or Eh-vain.
Time Present: Trenadira; T-ren-ah-dee-rah. 
Time Future: Jyri; Jah-ee-ree.
Magic/Insanity: Majnun; (as seen above) Mah-juh-none.
Fate: Fate; I doubt you need help with this one.
Death: Thanatos; (as seen above) Th-ann-ah-toe-s. 
Nature: Spinner; Sounds exactly as it's spelled.
Elements: Taelagor; (as seen above) T-eye-la-gore
Knowledge: Irena; Eye-ree-nah. Sounds as it's spelled.
Order: Agonin; (as seen above) Ah-go-nin. Sounds as it's spelled. 
Love: Carule; (as seen above) Kah-roo-l, or Kah-rule.
Lust: Eravaeral; Air-ah-v-air-al. 
Night: Malice; Sounds as it's spelled.
Moon: Nyx; Self explanatory, I'm sure, but in case - Niks 
Sea: Calypso; Sounds just like the mythology. Kah-lip-so.
Betrayal: Adessa; (as seen above). Ah-dess-ah. 
Dreams: Sanja; Sa-ann-juh. 
Debauchery: Vinyx; V-ink-s. This one was hard for me to try to explain how I say it. I have no idea why.

So there you have it. Those are all the names I can scrape my brain to think of. Hopefully you found some enjoyment of it, or minor curiosity. I'm not claiming this is the only way to say these names, but it's just how my characters pronounce them (and thus myself) in my head. 

Hopefully we're enjoying the story so far! <3 div="" nbsp="">
Lots of love,

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  1. 61%, (not counting the obvious ones like Malice). I'm quite ashamed. The annoying think was that I was pronouncing Soliana correctly in the first place...
    Taelagor was probably the furthest off for me, I was saying 'tay-galore'. I think my brain just went into 'Aaah! It's a long word - what do we do?!' mode, and just made up something vaguely similar...
    Thanks for doing it :)