Author's Note 2.24.17: The Golden Plumbob Nomination

Hey everyone!

I'm working on the update for the main storyline as we speak when someone drew my attention to the fact that I had been nominated for a Golden Plumbob and I...

You guys have no idea how much this means to me. All of my stories ended up nominated for awards and I... there aren't even words for how grateful I am.

Writing has always been a piece of my life - for some... ten years now I've been writing serious stories that have always helped me get through hard times. I fell on insanely hard times seven years ago and I've never really thought my writing was anything to, well, write home about (heh). I came up for the idea of the Reapers during my recovery from that hard time and writing them has made my life... so much better.

When I started this rewrite I knew I was going to lose my audience I was used to. I knew that I was playing a dangerous game because the Sims is a goofier game, filled with puns and funny circumstances. Yet I wanted more. I wanted to write my story the way I could see it unfolding in my head. The first few chapters were rougher, and over time I've had to tweak and edit old chapters because my storyline changed and I can't always predict where things will go.

Hell, if you would've told me a year ago that I'd have the storyline I'm working on right this very moment a year later I would've laughed. Hard.

Yet here I am.

I never expected that my stories would pick up in popularity. I never expected that people would care about my super serious, dark storyline in the face of all the funny, light-hearted ones.

I just wanted you all to know that every comment you've made, every page view I've gotten... it makes me so, ungodly happy. My stories mean everything to me, and even if I don't win anything... the thought that someone felt I was worthy of being nominated has absolutely brought me to tears - in a good way, of course.

Yes, well, you cry at everything, acorn-billower.
I do not.
Don't make me tell them about the time you sobbed at Finding Dory. And at that commercial... and that time-
Hush. I just feel things. I feel a lot of things.

I wish that I had something more to give you all as a sort of thanks - but the closest thing I have is I've been working on a series of Divination cards and drawings for the upcoming plotlines. They're minor spoilery, I suppose, but there's nothing written on them, and their meanings are all symbolic, so take that as you will. I'll post the non-spoilery drawings first and maybe you all will find some amusement out of them?
Or maybe not. It's the least I can do for everything you all have done for me until I find a better way to express a thank you.

So before I go into that, I want to mark the occasion (and hope that Boolprop will keep these pages up so I can remember my nominations and cry when I see them).

Best Non-Challenge Story (Song of the Nightingale)
Best Plot in a Story (Factions of the Lost Ones)
Best Sims 3 Legacy (Reapers Genetic Legacy)

In the meantime, let's pop in some art, right? My drawings are... getting better with practice. I'll admit I used to draw a lot more 7 years ago before everything was thrown into chaos for me and I quit for a long time, so it feels good to pick it up again.

First sketch I did? Why, it's Liro's lovely face.

It was rough and done quickly, but a lot of fun either way.
I followed this up with a sketch that's too spoilery for this version of the story, however if you're not opposed to spoilers and/or you read my original storyline all the way through then you'll be aware of this and you can click this link here to view it.

I had a rough day one day and decided to doodle my favorite madman walking off his desk in his usual fashion.

Annd that brings us to the end of my less-serious drawings and onto my Divination cards. So, if you'd like to not be spoiled by that future, go ahead and back out of the page now! 

Or super scroll fast to the comments section, if you prefer.

The spoilers are minor in nature, and entirely symbolic, but I wanted you all to be warned either way.

If you read Song of the Nightingale this one should be familiar.

This last one is unfinished, the one I'm currently tweaking (obvs. she has no fingers or toes). 

These drawings take me anywhere from several hours to a couple days. I hope that you all enjoyed some of them and you may be seeing them again soon, perhaps in future chapters! 

Once again, thank you all for everything. I'm so grateful for all of your love and support.

Love always,
Livvielove (and co.)


  1. Woo! Well done Livvie! I hope you win! Yours are definitely the best Sims stories I'm reading!
    And the drawings are lovely - Majnun's is probably my favourite. I'm really hoping that someone gets a pet cat, and it's not just a metaphorical representation of a certain character.

    1. You're too kind! I actually *did* win. I won for Song of the Nightingale, believe it or not. I didn't win the other two, but that one I did. I'm still floored by it, since all my stories are still relatively *new-ish.*

      Thank you! I've taken a bit of a break from drawing, mostly transitioned to a new tablet that I'm not quite used to yet... I also haven't had time (bad school, BAD).
      Also, pet cat? Me goodness a pet panther would be LOVELY. Golden eyed panther. Lovely. Positively. Lovely.
      Metaphorical representation of a "certain" character.
      Now why would cards that tell the future use *symbolism.* That's just silly, Nienor. Just silly silliness. :P