Author's Note 3.2.17: Please Send Some Love to Mpart

Hey everyone,

(Takes a deep breath in).
Sometimes life does things to people that we don't always understand, and it's hard. When it happens to yourself it's difficult to rise above and when it happens to someone you care about it's incredibly hard to bear.

Mpart and I have been writing together for well over a year now, and I've considered her my best friend for an equally long period. We've torn our hair out mutually over characters before and spent all night laughing at stupid things and gone through ups and downs... and this is one of those down periods for her.

Last night, in an act that happened quicker than anyone could really recall, she was attacked by a dog that belonged to someone she knew fairly well. This dog was known to her as a sweet, harmless dog... yet with further investigation this morning this dog was discovered to have brain damage and was in a rapid decline which caused him to get aggressive when she said goodbye to him.

The dog has been put to sleep and will no longer be suffering from the condition it was in, but unfortunately this situation didn't come without causing some damage. Mpart was taken to the hospital where her left (and dominant) hand was stitched up as well as her face.

I feel truly relieved that she's ok, and in the big scheme of things - it could have been so much worse. The dog missed her eye and just barely missed a tendon and her recovery should (hopefully) be smooth, but physical wounds are the easy part of recovering.

This is where this note comes in. Mpart is a fantastic person and right now she's being checked on, yet even after everything she's still reaching out and trying to take care of her neighbors who have had to put their dog to sleep. She's got such a good heart and she deserves so much better than what she's been put through. She deserves to be reminded what an awesome and kind-hearted person she is and have people rally around her.

Unfortunately, I can't do much save for listen and distract her with humorous things and writing until she heals up, but I bet she would love to hear from everyone. She posted a heartbreaking note on her story Edhen Dath (find the note here) and she could certainly use some love, support, and kind thoughts.

Thank you for all that you guys do.

Lots of love,

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