Author's Note 5.25.17: The Liebster Award!


There really aren't many other words for this at the moment. Give me a moment to collect myself. JUST BREATHE LIVVIE. YOU CAN DO THIS. BREATHE.

Alright, everyone! In case you cannot read the title or what not... I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Ok, I was nominated for this by the incredible Jess (Jesslb429) from Boolprop! There aren't words for how honored I am that she thought of me. If you don't know of her - she's known for her Zaney Zanes and the Zane Legacy as well as 26 Little Failures! Probably others too, she's just fantastic all around, and very fun to talk to on the chat at Boolprop.
So I guess I follow the instructions for this award shall we?
I can do the honors.
No I'm pretty very extra sure you shouldn't.

Step 1: Give a basket of carpet-smashable pancakes to the periwinkle who nominated you as a ritual of honor and anti-disrespect.

Ok... then... Yes. Thank the lovely Jess for the kindness of even nominating me.
May your enemies fight the syrup stains forever.
Truly I'm completely stunned to even be thought of, so thank you.

Rule Number Two-
I thought we were doing this in steps? 
Two Number Rule: Answer all of the demanded questions the periwinkle got from the walls.

Answer the 11 questions Jess left for me! Will do below. 

4 before 3: Ask all those you nominated with you magical gifts of voodoo and pancakery 11 questions of your own. 

Majnun you skipped one.
Shh, I know this. I was just getting to the good part first. 

3rd for Last of Four: Nominated some other madmen to spread pancake thievery and smashing joy.

So, in proper order, nominate some other lovely writers and then ask them 11 questions of your own! 
That's exactly what I said. No need to repeat it, silly writer.
Yes, yes. I know. *eye roll* 

For those of you who cannot understand this madman, here: 
  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
  • Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know).
  • Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions.
I can-
Nope. No. No. 
I'm good. Copy and paste is a beautiful thing.

UNA: What is my favorite snack food? 
Oh me gosh, oh me goodness. Snack foods? My favorite? Agh this is a very hard one because I'm like a junk food aficionado. I love salty things because the chocolate and sweet things tend to trigger my panic attacks for some strange reason doesn't stop me from eating it though so I suppose I'll go with a blanket statement of...

My favorite snack food is the kind I eat. 
Now I feel like I look arrogant or snarky for sassing my way out of a question. It's really too hard, but I suppose my poison of choice lately has been licorice (though I am getting sick of it) and Honey Barbeque Lays. 

NUMBER 2: If I could only read one genre of book for the rest of my life, what would it be and why?
ANOTHER hard question: can my brain handle these questions? 
No, I'd have to say Fantasy - pretty strongly and hands down. Though it's very nearly a tie between Fantasy and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. 

If I could make my own genre and THEN that be my only option for the rest of my life - I'd make a genre called the ChrisWoodingGenre all one word because hipster. Nah, but Chris Wooding has been my favorite author for a long time and his books range from Fantasy to Horror to Sci-Fi yet they all have a similar style so... that would be my ultimate choice. 
Following regular rules though? See above! 

TREE (fiddy): If a time traveler showed up on my doorstep and said they would take me to see the building of one historical monument, would I accept, which one would I see, and why?
(aside to self) we should answer this question seriously.
(brain back to self) when have we ever taken anything seriously
(brain and self) NO WE'RE GOOD. 
The Pyramids? Does that count? I've never been big on recent history or monuments, but wonders I can do any day. 

Very good question though. As for the why? Well the only history I've ever loved is Rome and Egypt, and honestly as much as I love Latin and Rome... I could care less about some of the monuments they've made - I've studied it. They've written a lot about it... ancient Egypt is still a lot of uncharted territory... so that's why I'd pick it!

FOUR score and seven years ago: Is there a trope or effect in movies/TV I find extremely annoying?
Oh yeah, definitely there's two of them I can think of off the top of my head just uh... let me uh...

Ok, now that I'm on my soapbox (clears throat): 
I hate love cliches in movies/TV...

I can already hear everyone groaning like but Livvie, you're the most cliche romantic writer ever
THIS ISN'T FALSE. The question didn't say I couldn't be hypocritical anyways, and I'M STILL ON MY SOAPBOX SO LET ME FINISH. 
I love and hate love cliches, but the ones that really irk me are the ones that perpetuate terrible relationships or terrible relationship habits. No, it's not romantic to watch someone while they sleep. That's fucking creepy. 
No, it's not romantic to get married after a week. That's called crazy
NO, it's not romantic, nor funny, nor CUTE to call all of these things out in a movie, pretending you're so hip and young and involved only to then crush it in OTHER WAYS like by ugly rock trolls insisting that you couldn't possibly make your own choice in fiance and then almost marrying you to someone else...

(clears throat) 
I'm sorry, I get impassioned. Those were basically the two biggest peeves of mine. The cliche "love at first sight" and then the "look at us avoiding cliches like love at first sight by making fun of it" cliche. 
There's nothing wrong with attraction at first sight, and some love cliches are just downright adorable no matter how overused they may seem... but things that perpetuate the boys will be boys cliche or encourage shallow, abusive relationships. LOVE TROPES.
Also, I hate the overuse of the laugh track. Just throwing that in there too.

5er: Favorite Sims feature of all time(thus far)?
Tie up for Open World and Create a Style. 
Is that me being SALTY?
No it's me being very serious. These are my favorite two features of the Sims game franchize thus far and it's the reason why (obviously) all of my stories are in the Sims 3 and not the Sims 4. 
More power to people who like the Sims 4 but it's too pastel and not my cup of tea. The fact that I can't change anything to any color without a heapton of mods or that I have to wait for (albeit smallish) loading screens is not my ideal gameplay. 
In terms of ACTUAL gameplay... I love any and all things supernatural. 

No gif this time? 
No gif. 
I know you're all disapp-

SixSixSixy: Would I rather be good at math or good at language(of my choosing of course)?

Language. Hands down. Would probably pick Spanish.

7 and a half: What drives me to write/create?
Warning: I'm going to answer this question very seriously, I'm a pretty light-hearted gal, but please cut me some slack for this response.
This is a really deep question to answer so thank you for asking it. 
I have a lot of things in my life that drive me, but my biggest desire is that I've fallen in love with the characters in my head. A lot of people may not necessarily understand why I do goofy things like write out Majnun into my Author's Notes or get so invested and write insanely long comment responses to commenters on my chapters but the reality is these characters are just such a huge part of me. 
When I was in high school almost seven years ago I had the misfortune of suffering something horrifically traumatic that will happen to... well quite a few other women (and men). I was raped. Up until that point I was a fairly normal, creatively-driven girl. I remember the aftermath of dealing with my rape and the struggles I went through. I used to paint before it happened - a lot - and draw and play piano, but I tore up most of my art from that era and honestly I cannot touch a piano even today. My mom, in an attempt to help me, took me to see several counselors and one of which told me I should try to find myself in my art again... and I just couldn't do it. 
I kind of meandered after that. I struggled to make friends or do much else besides bury myself in my room and feel lost. I had little to no support at school (but I had a small but mighty support system in my parents and my now-fiance, then boyfriend), which left me feeling very lonely. NaNoWriMo hit that year and I participated for the first time. 
I didn't complete it - not even close, but it was soothing for me to write. 
The Sims had always been a passion of mine... so I decided I would give writing a Sim story a shot and... several years later here I am. 
The reason my stories are so realistic and the reason I try so hard to capture the personalities of these characters as best I can is because... 
Well, I'm very tired of seeing people misrepresenting a lot of what I (and probably many others) went through - and I have seen it. 
Most importantly though, I just want people to know they're not alone out there in their thoughts and feelings. I went through an insanely rough period of my life where I thought I was going mad, or that I wasn't normal. I thought I was broken or dirty or worthless at points and in a way my characters have helped me cope and realize that I'm really not alone in the world. If I can help one person to feel a little less alone in their feelings and in life... then I can feel fulfilled and happy to have reached someone the way other stories reached me (Chris Wooding, being someone I found and leaned on in that time of darkness).
I know people may disagree with my reasoning and I respect that... but it's my reasoning and I hope you'll respect that in return.
There now, serious answer aside and now that I've bared my heart open to the internet... let's move on. 
ALSO I'm going to hijack this answer to toss in this: 
If you're going through something, please know that you're not alone. It doesn't matter if you're a silent reader or an avid commenter - if you ever need someone to talk to. My inbox is open - you can find me on Boolprop and Carl's as Livvielove, or you can use my gmail of 

Eight-late-pho-gate-banana-fanana-fo-fate: Is there something I'm really excited for?

Didn't you hear...?
Just kidding... I'M GETTING MARRIED!

I'm getting married to the love of my life, who's stayed by my side through thick and thin for almost 7 years now. His name is Alex and he's wonderful and probably reading this! 
I'm so excited to get to start this new chapter of my life with him, and we just got some engagement pictures done so... LET THE WORLD SEE MY FACE. 

That man makes me grin too much - my face usually hurts. 
SO yes, June the 10th! It's also why my stories have been ultimately ignored. Real life has to come first which means time spent with that lovely man right there as we prep to get married! 

9 (looks like a cyclops): On average how many internet tabs do I have open? If only one, how many programs do I have open at once?
I keep an average of 5+ tabs open at once with at least 3 other programs running. I have Boolprop to chat with the amazing people there, Google Drive + the document of whatever chapter it is I'm working on open, sometimes two documents open if I'm editing for another story too, youtube for my music, and some of my blogs. 

Then in the background I usually run hangouts to chat with the best people ever Mpart and Blamsart... and writing their names out makes me realize my name doesn't have "art" in it so I'm like the oddball out of our little clubhouse. 

Nah but they're wonderful. I always have a game running in the background too. Poison of choice is usually Sims 3 (obvs) or sometimes it'll be a Dragon Age game. Dragon Age: Origins, as of recently. 

1010101010: Most inspiring/insightful thing you’ve ever read/heard?

Hahaha! Just kidding... no the most inspiring thing was actually a poem I memorized as I was getting through some of the darker portions of my life that I previously discussed. It's titled "Invictus" by William Earnest Henley - it may be familiar to you if you've seen my banners recently... and just to put this in from memory (then I'll link to the proper poem with actual correct punctuation and stuff): 

Out of the night that covers me; 
Black as the pit from pole to pole.
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul. 

In the fell clutch of circumstance, 
I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bloody but unbowed. 

Beyond this place of wrath and tears,
Looms the horrors of the shade.
And yet the menace of the years
finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

This poem gave me strength where I had none and I still remember and think of it often. Maybe it'll help you. Maybe it won't...


11: Can you give me a hug? 


Ok so, now that's done... Let me nominate my choices for a Liebster! 
Annnnd I think that's it. I'm also going to toss in an honorable mention to Blamsart's Light the Way to Heaven! She's already received the award though, so she doesn't need it. PFFFBBTTT
I apologize if I missed you on here though! It was difficult coming up with this list! 
Anyways, here's 11 questions for my nominees (in order, I promise!): 
  1. What was the thing/event that made you decide to write? 
  2. Do you have a favorite character/creation/storyline? If so, who/what and why?
  3. What's one of the things that makes you tick? 
  4. What is your least favorite story/movie/TV show?
  5. What is something you "need" in order to function each day?
  6. What is the thing that makes you happy every time you see/hear it?
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world - money and distance not being an issue - where would it be and why?
  8. What's your Sims confession? 
  9. Describe your ideal "perfect" day?
  10. If you could trade places with any of the fictional (maybe nonfictional?) characters you have read/written/seen, who would it be and why?
  11. To carry on the wonderful theme: can I have a hug?
You guys are all fantastic writers and reading your stories brings me great joy! I hope that you all feel as loved as I did when I got nominated! 

Lots of love,
(and co)


  1. I am so proud of your gifs

    Leaving us all behind for so long
    How will we survive

    1. This sounds like I'm going to die or something.
      I don't want to die. *gulps*

      *sniffles* I'm going to miss you guys equally... can you imagine like... 12 days with no writing. O.O
      I'm sure I'll find time to write anyways between... you know... swimming with dolphins and eating until excessive excess. ;)

    Don't leave us, Livvielove! Do enjoy the food though.
    Just think of it when all of the madness of planning a wedding is going on.
    Also, I just wanted to applaud you for being brave and sharing your story. I'm truly in awe of you and just in case you aren't aware, you are awesome. =)

  3. You are gorgeous, Liv! It's not often that the beauty outside matches the beauty inside, but, you come close! I say close because the beauty inside shines so bright that you would have to be perfection of face and form to equal it! And we all know we ain't perfect :-) It's our little imperfections that make us unique and perfect... Huh, ok... Maybe your perfect insides do match a perfect outside ;-) All I know is you are stunning both inside and out and I'm going to shut up now while I'm still partially making sense...

    Love you, Liv <3